What to Know about Skip Bins

When many people hear of skip bin, they might be puzzled as there is a more popular term that they can connect to that. In simple terms, when you hear of skip bins, it’s merely like the rubbish skip that everyone knows. It is a large bin with an open top that is designed to be on a particular lorry built for it. However, there is a difference between a skip bin and a dumpster because while trash is emptied on site, skip bins SA are taken and dumped on landfill and is replaced by a new one until it has to be emptied again and the cycle continues.

With that said, you should know that not everyone requires a skip. Skip bins are useful when it comes to demolition projects and other construction sites where a lot of waste and debris is involved. The skips can as well be used to hold other wastes such as animal by-products, solid waste, chemical waste, biochemical, liquid waste, and commercial waste among other non-residential waste unless it’s a large project in a residential area. If you have a big cleaning job and you require somewhere to store the waste, then you need a skip. However, do not start thinking of buying a skip since there are skip bin hire companies that you can call and have a skip bin delivered to the site.

When hiring skip bins, you should know that there are different types of skip bins based on the waste you are dealing. Before hiring a skip, you should first understand what kind of garbage you will be dealing with to ensure that you get the right skip and that you will not have problems with the skip hire company by putting waste where it should not be. For example, a solid fill skip is for the cleanup of general everyday trash such as rocks, soil, bricks, sand, tiles etc.

Another type is the green waste skip bins. This one is used for the cleanup of tree pruning, leaves, organic materials and grass

Soil-dirt skip bins should be used when cleaning up pure soil or dirt that has no contaminants in them, and you should ensure that you do not mix any other waste in this type of kips.

Now that you know the basic of skip bins SA, if you need one for your project, you should not worry about buying one, just look for a skip hire company and have the right skip delivered to your location. There are many companies out there dealing with skip bins and so before you contact any company, ensure that they have the required experience and a good track record. If you can get such a company, then consider hiring them.